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RTK Audiobook Ch. 1

Peach Garden Oath

Published onJun 01, 2022
RTK Audiobook Ch. 1

Listen to the first chapter from 三國演義 in this audio recording.

三国演义第一回 宴桃园豪杰三结义 斩黄巾英雄首立功


詞曰 ci2yue1:詞 is a genre of poetry called “song lyric,” set to tune patterns; developed in Tang and Song. 曰 means “to say” (distinguish 曰 from 日)

調寄 diao4ji4: tune, melody

臨江仙 lin2jiang1xian1: overlooking river (Yangzi River) immortal; name of tune

回 hui2: chapter

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